For he’s a jolly good Fellow!

For he’s a jolly good Fellow!

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  • 7 May 2021
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…and so say all of us! CIPPS is delighted that our Director, Professor David Craik FAA FRS, has been elected to Fellowship of the Royal Society – the world's oldest and longest-running scientific academy. Professor Craik discovered and named cyclotides in the early 1990s, a family of mini-proteins in plants that are revolutionising medicine and agri-chemicals.

“The really great thing about cyclotides is that they are eco-friendly insecticides that are non-toxic to beneficial pollinators such as bees,” David said.  Through a collaboration with Centre Partner Innovate Ag they have developed a bee-friendly product from butterfly pea plants containing cyclotides that is approved for the protection of crops such as cotton and vegetables.

“It’s so rewarding to see that peptide-based products are having a real impact in protecting Australia's food and fibre crops,” he said.  Through his leadership of CIPPS he also wants to harness cyclotides to provide low-cost medicines by re-engineering and adapting cyclotides to create new medicines in plants.

“It is immensely satisfying that eminent scientists who have inspired me have seen value in my published work, and I was humbled by the congratulations I have received from current Royal Society Fellows, including two Nobel Prize laureates.”

See the Royal Society announcement for more details

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