Conference Highlights: inSTEM 2022

Conference Highlights: inSTEM 2022

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  • 8 August 2022
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An interview with Dr Rebecca Frkic, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Research School of Chemistry at The Australian National University. Written by Junming He.

In late July Rebecca  attended the inaugural inSTEM conference in Brisbane, representing CIPPS and the ACT node. The networking and career development conference brought together researchers from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields from across the country to learn about the importance of diversity in STEM. The key themes of the conference included career development through networking, building connections, establishing an authentic online profile, identifying mentors, and promoting diversity and inclusivity through allyship and respect. There were also workshops for improving resumes and cover letters, and interview coaching.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to attend a conference unique from a scientific research meeting"

Attending the inSTEM conference 2022 was an exciting experience for Rebecca, she comments that “I enjoyed the opportunity to attend a conference unique from a scientific research meeting — there was a diverse range of attendees from different institutes and research disciplines. A highlight from the conference were the panel discussions, which showcased a wide range of perspectives on relevant issues which made for engaging and interesting conversations.”

A key take-home message that stood out to Rebecca was presented by Lisa Annese, Chief Executive Officer of Diversity Council Australia. “She expressed that inclusion and equality benefits everyone, not just ‘target groups’, where diverse workplaces report greater and better workplace satisfaction from all demographics.”

“It is useful to become more comfortable with networking, [and] to hear different perspectives of careers in STEM…”

The conference was an excellent opportunity to network with others in an environment that was relaxed and welcoming where everybody could practice their newfound networking skills. This was the first of the inSTEM conferences, which will be held each year. Rebecca shares that “I highly recommend students attend this if they can. It is useful to become more comfortable with networking, to hear different perspectives of careers in STEM, and you will have the opportunity for one-on-one workshopping of your CV and cover letter with an expert in recruitment.” We hope you brought back plenty more stories and highlights for your colleagues and friends! Glad you enjoyed your attendance at the inSTEM conference 2022, Rebecca. 

CIPPS members at the inSTEM conference.