Fresh Ideas Grants

Fresh Ideas Grants

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  • 20 February 2024
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Congratulations to the winners of our second round of Fresh Ideas Grants! The Fresh Ideas Grants (FIG) scheme is a competitive grant process open to all Centre Postdoctoral Research Fellows. It aims to create a springboard to independence for our Research Fellows by creating an opportunity for them to drive their own research ideas.

  • Dr Liam Adair (USyd) – Assessing fluorescent label impact on membrane permeability of peptides
  • Dr Bilge Ercan (USyd) – Novel cyclic peptides for phosphoinositide detection
  • Dr Kate Farquharson (USyd) – Fighting chytrid fungus: a role for antimicrobials?
  • Dr Rebecca Frkic (ANU) – Reversal of antibiotic resistance
  • Dr Mathias Hansen (Monash) – Expanding Peptide Diversity via Adenylation-Domain Mediated tRNA Acylation
  • Dr Xinyun Jian (Monash) – Harnessing beneficial soil bacteria to combat resistant fungal pathogens
  • Dr Sameer Kulkarni (USyd) – Identification of gut-stable macrocyclic peptide inhibitors for the treatment of Inflammatory diseases
  • Dr Emma Peel (USyd) – Function of novel frog antimicrobial peptides

Congratulations to the winners of our first round of Fresh Ideas Grants – June 2023.

  • Dr Stephen Butler (USyd) – GLOWTACs: Tools for visualization of ternary protein complexes
  • Dr Jason Johansen-Leete (USyd) – Development of short split-inteins for protein modification through functional library screening by mRNA display
  • Dr Bhavesh Khatri (UQ) – Development of new methods for late-stage peptide lipidation
  • Dr Andrew White (ANU) – Decoding the synthesis and biophysical properties highly N-methylated natural products