Contact Information


Ms Moana Simpson

Associate Investigator

Griffith University

Ms Moana Simpson is the architect and Facility Manager of Compounds Australia, Australia’s only dedicated compound management and logistics research infrastructure facility. Drawing on her > 20 years’ experience in drug discovery research advice and management within Australia and the UK, both in academia and in the pharmaceutical industry, Moana was instrumental in the facility’s initial development and growth and continues to lead the facility and operational team through new advances in technology and technical practice. As the facility enters its second decade of operations, Moana is leading a >$10 million infrastructure, robotic automation and data integration project to transform the facility bringing next generation compound management technology and systems for the first time ever to Australian researchers. She has an invaluable combination of skills to contribute to specialist compound management, including high-end laboratory automation, high-throughput screening, and a thorough knowledge of drug discovery principles and practices. AI Simpson will contribute expert advice and services to enable the collation and storage of peptides produced in the Centre into the national compound collection.