Mission statement

We are a team of researchers in Australia (with links to Partner Investigators) who are passionate about promoting peptide and protein science. We wish to unleash the power of peptides and proteins for the benefit of humankind. We are developing research and outreach programs to promote peptide and protein science.

An integrated approach to peptide & protein science

Proteins & peptides are exciting molecules

Proteins and peptides are the working molecules of life, they make up the fundamental machinery that runs most biological processes. The importance of proteins and peptides in biology is undeniable; they are responsible for the shapes and structures of cells and tissues and the regulation of life cycle functions, including development, growth, maturation, reproduction, ageing and death. They control digestion, metabolism, defence, environmental adaptation and evolution.


Advances in technology such as in DNA sequencing & genome mining, in high throughput isolation of peptides and proteins and in faster more efficient purification & analytical characterisation methods allow us to discover new peptides and proteins. Australia has a vast biodiversity and harbours many peptides & proteins across a plethora of biological niches that wait to be discovered.


Making sense of the links between chemical structure and biological function is paramount for developing new products for industry, agriculture and health. Decoding biological function remains challenging but is absolutely necessary if we want to further our understanding of peptide & protein function and derive valuable products for nutrition and medicine.


With advances in solid-phase peptide synthesis and molecular biology, it has become possible to produce peptides & proteins chemically and biologically. Current frontiers in the field of peptide and protein drug development include efforts to make modified peptides and proteins that replicate or mimic natural proteins bearing post translational modifications. and downsizing proteins into smaller yet complex peptides that retain functionality.


  • Discovery of bioactive peptides from venomous animals and showing their biological potential
  • Decoding the link between composition & structure for oral bioavailability of peptides
  • Development of the bio-insecticide Sero-X