Butterfly pea genome

Lead Chief Investigator: David Craik, The University of Queensland

Collaborating Chief Investigators: Kathy Belov, Sonia Henriques



Butterfly pea is a legume species that encodes the largest number of cyclotide sequences and one of the fastest peptide ligases known to date. Despite this no genomic sequence is available. This project aims to discover the full cyclotide diversity encoded in this species, decode the mechanism of cyclic peptide evolution, and produce leads to develop future products in food science, agriculture, and biotechnology.


Relevance to the Centre

This project aligns with the Centre’s vision of discovering novel bioactive peptides from nature. The project requires collaboration between CI Craik, CI Belov, CI Henriques and CIPPS postdoctoral research staff. Enhanced knowledge of the cyclotide diversity pool and genetic mechanisms for their regulation will benefit the CIPPS industry partner Innovate Ag Pty Ltd.