Lanthanide-based protein labels

Lead Chief Investigators:

Kate Jolliffe, The University of Sydney

Elizabeth New, The University of Sydney

Gottfried Otting, The Australian National University


The site-specific labelling proteins with lanthanide ions enables a variety of different spectroscopic techniques to be used to probe protein structure, function and dynamics. However, tags must have suitable rigidity, structure or stability for high-quality data to be obtained from techniques such as NMR and fluorescence spectroscopy. While several methods have been developed to introduce Ln3+ ions to proteins, a number of problems remain to be addressed. We will develop methods to introduce Ln3+ tags to proteins in a site-specific manner and also meet the requirements for rigid, stable and enantiomerically pure labels.


Relevance to the Centre

This project aligns with the Centre’s vision of decoding protein function. It requires collaboration between CI Jolliffe, CI New, CI Otting and CIPPS postdoctoral research staff.