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The ARC Centre of Excellence for Innovations in Peptide and Protein Science (CIPPS) is a national research centre funded through the Australian Research Council’s Centres of Excellence scheme. Our vision is to discover new proteins and peptides from Australia’s diverse flora and fauna, decode their biological functions, and develop new proteins and peptides to address challenges in health, agriculture and industry. Together with our industry partners and international collaborators we are working to unleash the power of peptides and proteins for the benefit of humankind. We are developing research and outreach programs to promote peptide and protein science, and are deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of researchers.








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Our research

Flagship 1

is unlocking the peptide universe of unique Australian animals and plants, and identifying those that may be repurposed for human benefit.

Flagship 2

is programming peptides for bioavailability and localisation. We are developing enabling-technologies of labels and probes to aid in studying the cell membrane and the way it interacts with important biomolecules.

Flagship 3

is creating (bio)synthetic technologies for peptide and protein engineering to translate them into products for a range of industries.

Grand Challenge

These flagships will help us tackle the grand challenge of making peptides (orally) bioavailable and delivering them to targeted locations, including intracellular targets.

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Featured publications

Development of supramolecular anticoagulants with on-demand reversibility

Dockerill, M.; Ford, D. J.; Angerani, S.; Alwis, I.; Dowman, L. J.; Ripoll-Rozada, J.; Smythe, R. E.; Liu, J. S. T.; Pereira, P. J. B.; Jackson, S. P.; Payne, R. J.; Winssinger, N.

Repurposing a Plant Peptide Cyclase for Targeted Lysine Acylation

Rehm, F. B. H.; Tyler, T. J.; Zhou, Y.; Huang, Y.-H.; Wang, C. K.; Lawrence, N.; Craik, D. J.; Durek, T.

Characterising the Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) pouch microbiome in lactating and non-lactating females

Ockert, L. E.; McLennan, E. A.; Fox, S.; Belov, K.; Hogg, C. J.