The Science of Food: From Paddock to Plate

The Science of Food: From Paddock to Plate

Cicada Innovations National Innovation Centre, Suite 145/4 Cornwallis St Eveleigh, NSW, 2015
25 Feb 2021

Biotechnology is revolutionising what we eat. So what will the future of food actually look like?

The fruits, vegetables and animal products we see on supermarket shelves today are the result of countless iterations of selective breeding. In fact, farmers have been using this methodology to improve plant and animal characteristics for thousands of years. Breeding methods have become increasingly sophisticated — today, not only can scientists can use biotechnology as a tool to accelerate the improvement of these commodities, but they can create entirely new ones.

Join CIPPS CI Professor Michelle Colgrave and other panellists as they unpack what the future of food is going to look like.

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