A/Prof Martin Stone

Associate Investigator

Monash University

AI Stone’s research programs cover two major themes: protein dynamics and chemokine:receptor recognition. In the field of chemokine:receptor recognition, he has made important contributions towards understanding the structural basis of binding between chemokines and their receptors, a critical aspect of inflammatory responses. With CI Payne, his lab has developed novel chemical and biochemical approaches that have allowed them to elucidate the effects of tyrosine sulfation on chemokine:receptor interactions. The current research focus is the structural and mechanistic basis of chemokine receptor signalling and the characterisation of novel chemokine inhibitory proteins from Australian arthropods (e.g. ticks). He has established a battery of biophysical methods (e.g. fluorescence anisotropy binding measurements) and cell-based assays (e.g. calcium flux, cAMP, ERK phosphorylation) CIPPS will use to decode the function of novel bioactives.