Dr Gregoire Philippe

Postdoctoral Researcher

The University of Tokyo

Under the supervision of Dr. Sónia Henriques and Prof. David Craik, Greg finished his PhD in 2020 at the University of Queensland. He then joined the Queensland University of Technology as a postdoctoral fellow in Sónia’s group. Greg’s research has been mostly focused on the intracellular delivery of peptides in cancer cells. He used peptides able to target the well characterised p53 “guardian of the genome" pathway to elucidate mechanisms driving cell uptake in different scaffolds. He then developed new protocols to provide insights on the lipid repartition within the leaflets of cell membranes. Greg has been committed to sharing his research with his fellows at several peptide conferences, which gave him the opportunity to meet his current group leader Prof. Hiroaki Suga at the University of Tokyo.