Dr Kilian Conde-Frieboes

Associate Investigator

Novo Nordisk

The main focus of Dr Conde-Frieboes’s relevant research is the modification and derivatisation of ligands for G-protein coupled receptors with the aim of improving their pharmacodynamic and kinetic properties. A personal interest in peptides and proteins led to successful applications for (1) two research grants that have funded PhD students (2010–2012 and 2012–2014); (2) a postdoctoral research associate (2014–2016) who spent one year in the laboratory of Prof Richard Payne at the University of Sydney; and (3) an ARC Linkage Grant (2016– 2018) funding a postdoctoral position in Prof Payne’s laboratory, both concerned with the chemical synthesis of post- translationally modified proteins. Dr Conde-Frieboes’s role in the Centre will involve exploring artificial intelligence assisted peptide design.