Dr Morten Taysen-Andersen

Associate Investigator

Macquarie University

Dr Thaysen-Andersen has 15 years of experience in glycoprotein/glycopeptide structure/function analysis. His research group is one of the first to use advanced mass spectrometry to perform deep glycoprotein/glycopeptide structural elucidation at the glycoproteome-wide scale from biological mixtures. The team expertise is to relate specific glycoforms to aberrant biosynthetic pathways within the host glycosylation machinery and to biological functions including enzyme activity, cell-cell signalling and immunogenicity. Through his active engagement with the Australian Proteomics Society (APS) (board member since 2016), the Human Proteome Organisation (HUPO) (co-founder and now chair of the Human Glycoproteome Initiative (HGI) under HUPO since 2017) and Glyco@Oz (a cross-institutional network for Australian glycoscientists, which he co-founded in 2019), he has developed key connections to the domestic and international Proteomics and Glycoscience communities. Scientifically, AI Thaysen-Andersen will contribute to the Centre via existing (5 publications with CI Payne) and emerging research collaborations with CIs and AIs. He will also act as a liaison between the Centre and the domestic and international Glycoprotein/peptide community.