Dr Toby Passioura

Associate Investigator

The University of Sydney

AI Passioura’s research focuses on the development and application of ultra-high throughput techniques for the identification of drug-like cyclic peptide ligands. In particular, he is leading expert in the use of Random non-standard Peptide Integrated Discovery (RaPID), a truly disruptive technology for cyclic peptide drug discovery that has recently been in-licensed by most pharmaceutical companies. Over the last 6 years, he has identified hundreds of novel bioactive compounds targeting numerous different proteins. Additionally, AI Passioura has developed technical improvements in the RaPID process, leading to high impact publications (e.g. J Am Chem Soc and PNAS). Prior to 2019, there were no experts in RaPID working in Australia, and the role of AI Passioura will be to integrate the first Australian RaPID platform into the CoE.