Prof Craig Hutton

Associate Investigator

The University of Melbourne

Prof Hutton has more than 20 years’ experience in the fields of synthetic organic chemistry, peptide chemistry, and medicinal chemistry. His research interests include the development of novel methods for amide bond synthesis and peptide ligation, the synthesis of biologically active cyclic peptide natural products, and the development of radiolabelled peptides for cancer imaging. He has been on the organising committees for numerous international and local meetings and conferences, including: the Australian Peptide Association’s Solid Phase Synthesis Meeting (2018–); the Pacifichem 2010 Congress: Frontiers in Peptide Chemistry, Synthesis and Applications Symposium (2008–10), and; the Royal Australian Institute Victorian Organic Group Annual Synthesis Symposium (2005–, chair since 2011). Prof Hutton will contribute to the Centre via existing and emerging research collaborations with CIs and AIs.