Prof Norelle Daly

Associate Investigator

James Cook University

Prof Daly’s research is focused on developing peptide-based lead compounds for drug design applications. Most of this work is based on proteins derived or engineered from parasites or from venomous animals found in the tropics. Major outcomes from her research include: (a) Development of an orally active peptide with potential in treating inflammatory bowel disease; (b) Development of a highly potent wound-healing agent based on a liver fluke protein. This wound healing agent is being further developed through a recently established consortium, UHEAL, which brings together clinicians and researchers involved in all aspects of wound healing; (c) Determination of the three-dimensional structures of more than 100 peptides; these studies have provided the basis for the discovery of new peptide families, insight into structure/function relationships, and the design of novel peptides with therapeutic potential. Prof Daly will contribute to the Centre through collaborations involving development of drug leads for inflammatory diseases and discovery of new peptides from tropical flora and fauna.