Organelle-targeted sensors

Lead Chief Investigator: Elizabeth New, The University of Sydney

Collaborating Chief Investigators: David Fairlie, Glenn King, Sonia Henriques



Cellular function is highly regulated at the level of the organelle, but we still need methods to specifically delineate and study each individual organelle. Even the nucleus, the home of the cell’s genetic information, remains elusive. In this project, we will develop new methods to target many of the cell’s key organelles and, using this information, we will prepare new organelle stains and targeted sensors. These tools will be used by CIPPS members to study the cellular effects of bioactive peptides and proteins and will be of use to the wider research community.


Relevance to the Centre

This project fits with the decode theme as it enables the understanding of how bioactive peptides and proteins are interacting with cells. One outcome of the project will be a set of cellular assays which enable screening of peptides to identify the organelles where they have activity. These assays will be potentially commercialisable. Another outcome is new organelle-specific fluorescent stains, which will also be potentially commercialisable.